Raw Feeding 101 BARF for Beginners!  This is a must read page! 
It will answer all of your questions.
Raw Fed Dogs Ingredients - 101:  Actual breakdown of ingredients
such as bone meal, fish meal, poultry meal, etc.
Raw Learning Raw Dog Ranch  
Raw Fed Myths    
Raw Meaty Bones Home Page - Dr. Tom Lonsdale    

The Dangers of Cooking Dog Food



Raw Meaty Bones and Work Wonders: Feed Your Dog Raw by Tom Lonsdale    
Give Your Dog A Bone and Grow Your Pup With Bones and The Barf Diet by Ian Billinghurst, DVM    
Complete Guide to Natural Health for Dogs and Cats by Richard Pitcairn, DVM    


Vaccine Information


Vaccination In Animals  

The Immune System and Disease Resistance

Vaccines - Are They Safe for Your Dog?  - symptoms of
adverse reactions to distemper & rabies vaccs

A New Look at the Vaccine Question - Dr. Pitcairn's list of adverse reactions

Rabies Vaccinosis Alert    and I quote:
"In other words, instead of seeing acute expressions of viral disease, we
are, instead seeing symptoms of chronic ill­ness which are actually
documented to occur in rabid animals. Symptoms of rabies includes
Restlessness; viciousness; avoid­ance of company; unusual affection; desire
to travel; inability to be restrained; self biting; strange cries and course
howls; inability to swallow resulting in gagging whom eating/drinking;
staring eyes; swallows wood ,stones, in-edibles; destruction of blankets,
clothing; convulsive seizures; throat spasms; increased sexual desires;
disturbed heart function; excited and jerky breathing. My biggest con­cern
with pets are the changes in behavior after being vaccinated. This is
usually along the lines of aggression, '`suspicion, unusual fears, etc. The
essential aspect is a lack of control of impulses."




Natural & Homeopathic
Information & Resources

It's For The Animals

Natural Rearing  - Marina Zacharias

Pottenger's Cats - A Study in Nutrition

Nutrition by Betty Lewis, RVT, Dr. A. N.

B-Naturals Holistic Natural Supplements

References to the Wolf/Dog Genetic History

John Backley's: Processed Food... A Slow Poison

Shirley's Wellness Cafe: Holistic Health Care for People and Animals

Plants Poisonous To Dogs

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